Hi sirs.. I m married and got a baby child. My wife left me separated during her 2nd month of pregnancy.she has not heard till 8th month and I went and saw her on 8th month and continue to visit her home till birth of 5th month.. I Cominced her and asked her to come to home . She mark a condition tat she will come only she is kept alone and not joint family.. I tried to make her understand but she is not ready. Then I decided to tKe her alone and post her arrival; she lived with me for 6 months and left me at home alone. She went to her father's home and stayed back. While tried to go again and convinced, she wanted to stay with her parents and not with me. She said she does not wanted to live with me, she will the care of child. . I was behind her till 3 yrs of baby and asked her to come to live with me and make her admitted in the near by school and start life.Initially she said ok. but while I asked her to come to meet the school principAl, she said she is not willing to come and live. She has already admitted in her native. She does not belief at any point of time. She claimed that because of her father's saying she married me. Now it is her rights to be with me. I asked her father as well . But he is speechless.. he told his way of not able to support because of his daughters arrogant attitude.. tried In all ways of making her understand to be with husband as she is having a a baby child and child does not recognise my face or I m her father now.. it's almost 3 yrs now I am separated and filed a congusbation and requested court to provide us a solution for the issue.. it is under running state and not moving because of various external factors.. what should I do now? She told that she will not let me live or come and live with me.. she will revenge me in her life.. I am approaching respectful guides now.. pls help..