Partition suit

Honoured legal brethren , We belong to hindu family . My grandfather expired in 1995 leaving his SELF EARNED property with NO WILL .My father expired in 2010 and grandmother in 2012. Now we want to claim our father's rights in my grandfather's property. We have collected VAMSHA VRUKSHA (family tree) and SURVIVOR member certificate .There are altogether 9 SHARE HOLDERS It seems that the ammicable settlement with in family is distant dream .MY question is If i go through court ,apart from the share , can i claim the rent share from those heirs who already are staying and enjoying the property .I have power of attorney for my father's share from my mother and sisters My grand mother had some jewellery of her .can we claim our rights on that as well , if yes how ?.There is no proof to prove in the court about jewellery How long will it take in the court to settle . I heard that it will take some 3-4 yrs minimum .The reason i am asking this is that some of the heirs are aged and ill,their life is uncertain I heard that "If it is a dwelling house, you shall have to offer to sell your share to all the other co-owners at the same price which you are getting from the third party and if they refuse to buy the same, you can sell it to the third party." Is this correct? Thank you with regards