My Sis-in-law has filed a false dowry case on me and my family me

Hi, My brother got married in 2012 in Tamil Nadu. I got married on 2011 and went to bangalore . And Im into job and I was pregnant when my brother got married. My mom stays with my brother in Tamil Nadu. My brother and his wife was staying together hardly 1.5 year and she left my brother and went to her mom's home. She was also pregnant in that time,but the it got aborted due to her health issues. I hardly visit my mom's house as I was in job in bangalore and I was also pregnant. I was stayed there for 20 days after giving birth and then moved back to bangalore. Now I moved abroad since 2014 with my husband and kid. My brother's wife has filed FALSE DOWRY CASE against me and my mother in Aug 2016. And she sent a court notice to my Bangalore address, but the tenant didn't receive it as I was not there.My mother also got a notice to her address asking her to present in the court on 18th September 2016. Because of this it will my spoil personal life from my husband's family side. Though my husband is very understanding, I feel ashamed as it will cause status and self respect problems. Even we have applied permanent resident visa to Australia recently. Again,this will be a problem to get a PR,and entire ambition to get a permanent resident visa will come to end and my kid life will not have further scope. Kindly help me in providing solutions to this problem as I completely lost and upset about it.