My wife filed Domestic violence case against my family members

Me and my wife separately living since 27th December 2012.. she files a dvc case on me , my brother, mother and father. The notice we received. 30th August 2016 we need to attend in the court. She left with 100gm of Gold of mine and locked my bed room ..She expecting large amount as alimony... she is a unscrupulous greedy woman try to extract money only . we didnot received any Dowry , gold or any other valuble articles from her at the time of marriage. Iam a govt employee and my monthly in take salary around 52000 rupees. she also working and earning 18,000 per month. Is she eligible interim maintenance? I didnot want to continue life with her so that i suspect that she may move this issue to mediation where she may said i will go to my husband house.. becoz she want to make me pressure and try to gain.. as i reject her. In this situation what is better strategyregy for me? If i ask her to come ..she may trouble us and again tr to file False 498a etc .. What is the best thing for me? can i go for Mutual divorcee during mediation with reasonable amount as permanent alimony