Regarding cheque bounce and illegal money lending case

My father is an poor farmer leaving in an small village. one day my father needed one lakh rs to clear some amount. So he asked one person of my village to rent him amount of Rs. 1 Lakh. That person arranged that money (without informing us) from second person(moneylenders) of my village and gave it to my father and borrow two unfilled cheques. my father is illiterate and he dont have any knowledge about cheques and he gave them two cheque. After a period of four month my father returned amount borrowed with interest to them,That time they told my father that he will return the cheques within two days. Later on when my father asked him 2-3 times about the cheque he always ignores him and told him that nothing will going to happen as you have return the amount. Now one day my father received the notice from District Court on behalf of second person (Moneylender) regarding cheque bounce. This is first time my father got to know that first person took that amount from second person (Moneylender) and then gave it to us. In the notice he asked us to pay the amount of Rs 1 Lakh again with cheque bounce case. then my father asked first person regarding this he is saying i have returned all the money to second person (Moneylender) but he is not returning the cheques and first person saying that he will tell in court that my father has return all the money to them. Later my father went to the police station to register a FIR against both of them about the whole situation they didn't register it rather they assured us that they will do it later and they will explain second person (Moneylender) and told my father to gave a application (application copy is with us). Now the case is in court and the court is asked my father to present in court on 9 September 2016. I would like to draw your attention to second person (Moneylender) First of all he is illegal moneylender as he have no license for same. Also within influence in local area he had sent these kind of Notice for Cheque Bounce for almost 10-12 poor families of our village. Since those families are poor and illiterate he always managed to take the amount again and again. Also he has so many criminal cases registered against him but all in vain. Dear Sir with due respect I want to say that my complete family have only income is from farming we are unable to pay the amount again since it is a very big amount for a farmer family like us. This case has put a extreme pressure on my father and he is in big trouble without doing anything wrong. now kindly suggest us what to do?