My in-laws forcing my husband to leave me

Dear sir/madam,I'm from kolkata n married for 2yrs n 6 mnths. Me n my husband were staying in kol apart from my in-laws n never had any problem between me n my husband. My in-laws never accepted this marriage(love marriage) as my father refused to give dowry of rs 1,50,00 cash for my reception father in law asked my husband to say no to d marriage but my he did not listened to them as he was against of dowry.My father-in-law did not attended our marriage n never spoke to me till now. after marriage i tried to communicate with them nicely but my mother in law and sister in law always insulted me n tortured me mentally by saying so many things(in absence of my hubyy) when i visited their house.Even they tried to fill my husband's ears against me n brk my marriage. My S-I-L once said to my husband to leave me with my parents n never bring me back.Everything suddenly changed when my husband was staying in my in-laws house on medical leave for 3 months after his operation this year. he started to ignore me,shout on me in small things. In august 2016, i went there with him to attend my S-I-L's marriage n at night i n my hubby had an altercation on a personal matter but it was not infront of evry1 nd my mother in law came there nd accused me dat i went there 2 brk my S-I-L's marriage by creating a scene there. They(including my husband) did not give me to eat or drink smthng for d whole night locked me in a place, my husband slapped me.They forced me to leave their house at 5:45 am.Now my Father in law forcing my husband to leave me by saying if he brings me to stay with him or gives me maintenance then they will not keep any relation with him. My husband is refusing to accept me as he can not break relation with dem n says if his father says then only he will accept me.I don't want to go for divorce n want to move back with my husband.what can i do at dis moment? If they files for divorce will it be accepted? I'm jobless,staying with my parents can i ask for my maintenance? My husband works in a private comp n owns a business in his hometown. My marriage is registered under hindu marriage act on 14th dec 2013