problems after live in relationship.

Hi, I am 32 years male. I am married for 9 years. But after 4 years of my marrige there were clashes between my wife and my parents and me so we started staying separated. My wife and a kid of 4 years stayed with my wife for 5 years. In between this 5 years I got into relationship with my colleague and we started staying in live in relationship. While staying in live in relationship for almost 5 years there had been again so many fights arguments between me and my colleague and I always felt like moving out of this relationship. But everytime I try my colleague creats some issue that I was forced to go and stay with her again. At this time clashes between me and my wife are also getting sorted out since we both understood that we need to stay together to upbring our 4 yrs kid. Now I have moved out of this live in relationship with an excuse of my job change. So my colleague with whom I was in live in is asking me to get married to her. Please help me understand that how bad am I in now????