Stay on transfer deed

I live in old delhi from last 60 years in a rented house alongwith my cousin brothers. my owner file a suit for posession of porperty as he terminate the tenancy in the time of my uncle's death and after the death of my aunt my cousins have no right to live in the said premises and he declare them trespassers. the court order for decree and my cousins went for appeal and in the meanwhile before passing any orders of courts they made an agreement with the owner and purchase whole property by paying 70% of the amount and rest till december, 2016. the agreement was provided in court and the order was passed by the addl. district judge on the ground of comprise between the parties the said appeal is dismissed. my question is that i reside in the same premises alongwith my family. my cousins made an agreement of purchase of the whole property including our portion. by way of talk they are not interested to sale our portion to us and nor the owner is agreed to amicably settle the matter to sale the our portion to us. please suggest me to act in this regard. how i can seek court help. our owner shows us a licence in the said agreement. we are not a party in the said case registered in the court and in the appeal as well.