Case filed under sec 145 ipc

Sir, I filed 145 case against my landlord when i was in possession of the shop ,my landlord who with the help of police forcibly took possession of my showroom and looted all of my belongings.Now i am in a latter stage of this case and submitted enough proof regarding my possession of the shop until it was burgled overnight .Now i am awaiting the judgement in my favour and i would like to know if i get re-possession of my shop ,i would like to know at what terms the judge may order as i was leased that shop for a period of five years orally ,will i be allowed for agreed period or will i be allowed to run the shop for the remaining period and what about the other financial issues related to my stolen goods .After the burglary and forcible vacation i filed another case under sec 323,380,420,506 ipc this case is also pending before the court here too i have submitted the evidence , i have a strong case but quiet unaware of the financial compensation for my stolen goods what should i do to get financial compensation,business loss and mental harassment and my health deteriorated due to these cases , please suggest me the possible legal solutions.