Divorce! Unable to get answers!

Hello respected lawyers here, let me give you my situation. Iam Kumar Married for the last 12 yrs marriage as per hindu vedic rituals and registered in Mumbai, son aged 8, presently under wifes custody but i speak to him over phone. Wife has filed for divorce U/S 13(1)(ia). my questions are. 1. Iam a Hindu ST and wife a Hindu Vaishnav. does sec 2(2) of the HMA mean anything or apply to me in any way in this case? 2. I have purchased two lands in different states other than Maharashtra after marriage. in one, me and my father paid from our bank accounts and the second was paid from me and my wifes joint bank account. which property can my wife legally claim? 3. i have evidence that iam planning to use against her, which of the following evidence are NOT accepted as evidence in the family court. (a) e-mail (b) photographs (c) snapshots of her facebook page (d)voice recording (e)whatsapp chat (f) sms (g) video recording (h)hand written letters. 4. my wife is educated and has been working since before marriage, and currently self employed. will i be liable to pay maintenance to her?