Intercast marriage not accepted and property

Hi sir, please help me, we got legally married 7 years back against each others family will ( sikh & orissa) Although we asked for their permission my husbands family never accepted me. So we had to take this decision with the help of law. Till date my in laws never accepted me. They threw us away from their house the day we got married. My husband was totally dependent on their family business. We were shelter less no money. I was working in a bpo and he was jobless.. still we managed till date with our own hard work. Over the years I have always felt left out and talked about. They look down on me and criticise everything I do, how i look and so on. In short they hate me. Still pressurise my husband to leave me. I have bent over backwards to please them, all the time knowing that they don't like me. My husband does absolutely nothing about this and carries on with them as if they’ve done nothing. he has never backed me up and puts them before me every time. I believe his part in this has allowed them to treat me this way, not once has he ever dared confront them about anything. I don’t want him to fall out with them, just to speak to them nicely and let them know that this is unacceptable and unfair. When he’s invited to family events he happily goes without me. May be he is just afraid of loosing his property. My father in law has 2 sons. My elder brother in law who passed away 6 years back and my husband. My father in law has his own property not inherited. So my husband is tensed if they may not give him because of inter caste marriage. My elder brother in laws wife has 2 girls whom my father in law loves. I’m left feeling I have no backup from husband, disrespected, betrayed. It’s so painful to realise this. They have won, they have destroyed me, I cry daily, I feel rejected, not good enough and unloved. I know this probably can never be resolved, I just want to find peace without destroying my marriage. Please suggest if my husband has right to get property. If they do not give my husband property he may go with them. I think so. But I may loose everything. Please suggest me a way out.