How qualified wife can sit idle and eligible for maintenance

I am 28 year Male and got arrange marriage in “2013”.Soon after marriage difference of opinions started due to my wife’s arrogant, worst attitude somehow to save my married life I spent my life for one year with her. During this time she used to chat with 2 boys continuously and used to share all our personal things with them when I read all her messages in cell she said they are just friends with help of some software I have taken CDR and got upset that she used to chat in SMS continuously with those two guys and she is having affair with in-law as well and We had fight on this matter many times and that time she told after delivery she will make my life hell. We were together for one year she went to her home during 5th month of pregnancy for delivery on “April, 2014” and baby boy born on “Aug, 2014” as routine my wife tortured my life and when I did not agree for her conditions like -> give salary in her hand, give gold , support her family etc etc she started legal war against me like below she only left my home and did not return back . Firstly, her in-law filed Missing complaint against me on Oct 2014 and he given bribe to police to malign reputation and come to my company with two police constables, in the name of enquiry police took me police station ,My wife side people brought high level pressure on Inspector to beat me but inspector did not do that as he listened all my story and kept me safe me in lock up for 30 hrs in police station and when my family came to know in presence of inspector counseling had happen and in the counseling missing had been withdraw . As continued efforts my wife filed below cases against me Dowry case – Dec-2015 section 504,498,34 IPC 506 DV case –Dec 2015 Maintenance case in family court and even maintenance requested in DV case After all above Cases I have filed Divorce case. Presently only Divorce filed by me and maintenance case filed by her is completed by 50% and present status is court ordered interim maintenance to her 4000 and 3000 to child and in divorce case my crossing over next date marking of my evidence are there. My questions are below. 1. How court passed interim when my wife is MSC graduate and worked before and after marriage for 7years and I have submitted all her experience and academic marks cards in Xerox 2. As per SC order qualified wife is not eligible for maintenance or interim maintenance but when I ask my advocates they say Karnataka High court follow different rules and might be Judge passed order in sentiments towards women and my son has gone through some major surgery 3. She mentioned in all legal notice that I have affair with some other women , I drink and beaten her many time etc etc all fake and usual things mentioned 4. What are the chance for her to get life time maintenance as I do not have any issue to pay to my kid but not wife 5. When qualified husband can’t deny maintenance to wife no matter whether he working or no How qualified wife can opt or how court can pass maintenance to wife, or how wife can sit idle and take money from husband ? Agreed there is child in matter but there are 1000 of online jobs available. I presume Mens have no value in family court as many advocates tell 80% family court give importance to women, PLease please pelase help or pass me the SC or karnataka HC orders which status that qualified wife can sit idle and ask eligible for maintenance