How to make central govt obc ncl certificate from jharkhand.

I am a residence of Jharkhand living in Jamshedpur. I want to make an OBC NCL certificate for central govt job. As per directions, I have made my caste certificate from Circle Officer and afterwards from SDO. According to officials they say that my caste certificate (Central OBC NCL) could not be made due to my parents name are not mentioned in the khatiyan(Land records as they say in Jharkhand). We have purchased a land way back in 1998 and the last survey was conducted in 1965. Since then no land survey was taken up. As per govt law, every ten years land records survey has to be made, but due to no latest survey records my parents name hasn't been updated in the survey which makes my entitlement null and void (according to officials).Officials also states that, if one wants to make Central OBC NCL certificate then one has to have its name (parents) mentioned on the last land survey in my state after which it could be finally sent to DC for approval. I have each and every paper with me. Kindly guide me to get my entitlement and rights for OBC NCL certificate.