Hire a lawyer for consumer case against builder

have booked a flat No B4J0106 in Pashmina Brookwoods located off Old Madras Road , Budigere , Bangalore way back in 27 Sep 2014. The possession is supposed to happen in Mar'2017 but no construction started yet. On 1st Apr 2016 builder had communicated the new possession date as Dec'2018 , and assured that construction will start in 2 months. It has been more than 4 Months since then no construction started and no further communication on the same. Due to deficiency in service and unfair trade practices by Pashmina , a request to refund money was sent on 07/Mar/2016 and received reply dated 10/Mar/2016 to refund amount in 120 working days. Since then I have tried several follow-ups with them, but unfortunately no positive response. They have taken Rs.411080/- amount from me and Rs.8,00,000/- from bank (including interest) and now I have to pay pre-Emi's for nothing. I have sent legal notice to them and they replied saying refund will happen under Clause NO 20 (as per sales agreement) which says refund will be done after the resale of the property with a 10% deduction of sale amount. So i want to file a case in consumer forum.