Redevelopment Property

A house in a chawl was bought by person A in the 1940s. The house went for redevelopment in 2007. Since person A had died then and his wife was old the agreement with the builder was made in the name of elder son B. Before possession of the house and registration person B died. All the sons of person A have died leaving behind families. Now the daughters of person A want to register the house in the name of their mother (person A's wife). My questions are as follows: 1) If the property gets registered in the name of person A's widow, she might gift the house to her daughters in her Will leaving her sons' families out of it. 2) If the house is registered in the name of person B's widow, she being the legal heir cannot transfer the property to her children. So all the legal heirs will evenntually get the share of the property. Is this correct? 3) What will be the correct line of action so that all the legal heirs (person As daughters included) get their fair share of property without it being passed down in the Will to the daughters only? Please advice.