Help with 498a, mc, rcr

My wife has filed 498a against me and my family members. IO officer has investigated and confirmed us that the charge sheet has been submitted. I'm not sure how long does it take to receive the summons/notice from court. While the merits were being investigated by IO, they have also filed MC in a family court. Then again they filed MC and RCR in another court 2 weeks later. They were constantly sending the FIR(498a) and Court notices(MC, RCR) to me, my employer in US , Indian consulate and US embassy. My family member was representing me in family court for MC and RCR. it still hasn't reached a position where they exchange arguments. While this is going on, Her family and the mediators approached my council couple of months ago. Since then council has changed their mind and trying to pressurize me and my family to compromise as the other party is ready withdraw the cases assuring a written statement that they filed false cases out of anger. (only if I can continue the relationship with her unconditionally) me and my family were never interested to end this relationship. However the day they filed such cases, it broke my heart. They lost my faith/ trust. I don't believe in the word "Fresh Start". I expressed the same back to my council and requested him to fight legally since I didn't commit any mistake. I've got nothing to lose financially and I don't want to lose the character which they are trying to assassin. The only reason such a rich person approached us with the marriage proposal was my character. behaviour. Now my council doesn't want to proceed with the case by stating that it's not good on their part to assist me since they have established a deep relationship with other party. while I’m trying to find an affordable attorney, I need your help with below questions : 1) Do I need to again provide the POA to new council? 2) my wife is well educated and she worked in the past(I’ve no evidences). Can the court grant interim maintanance? How much could it be since she is requesting 2 laks per month. 3) I won't be able to visit India until Dec - 2017 due to the contractual agreement with my employer. How do i proceed with 498a under such circumstances. Can I seek court's permission to honor my request? 4) I'm confident that they are not interested in this relationship too but they are trying all possible ways to get me back to India to arrest and spoil my career. My family is dependent on me. P.S. I’m not sure if it matters but her father is a very rich person and her family members are active politicians.