Forced physical abuse

Dear Lawyers, I have been married for 7 years and have one-year-old son. My wife is irresponsible and a compulsive liar. I believe in women empowerment and hate violence against underpowered. During my 1st 5 years of marriage, my wife used to show anger and physically abuses me. She always tied to pick up fights in every possible manner and try to make me angry and violent, but I always stayed with my conscious and principles. I have tried to advise her about lying and acting irresponsibly and tried to take her for counseling and to psychiatrist but she never agreed. Around 4-5 years, I have tried taken help from her family, but unfortunately, they showed sympathy towards me, but never helped. Once everything started failing, I abused her physically in a violent way. Then all of the sudden her character changed. She stopped lying and faking for some months. After that incident, she never physically abused me and never showed highest level of anger. However, every now and then, she picks up fight by continuous lying and faking. And disturbs me until I get forced for another physical abuse. How much ever I try to run away, or advise her the bad side of it, she will force. As soon as I abuse her, she says sorry for her actions and try to act understanding for some days. She does not have any complaints for abusing her. In addition, she is very happy that she made me do a wrong thing against my will. The frequency of physical abuse is now increasing and my son is 1 years old, I do not want to do it anymore. I do not want him to abuse anybody, once he grow up. I have tried my level best. She is not ready for divorce, and not ready for consultants and psychiatrists. Her mother (father died at the age of late 40s by alcohol abuse) is irresponsible and supports this behavior. Please advise me, how to proceed for divorce.