Interest claim on late payment of retrial benefits

My father had retired from service of Bihar Government in 2007 after three month of his retirement he revived notice for proceeding against him his all retrial benefits was not sanctioned by his department's official .He challenged this case to Patna High court .It was quashed by court then again they moved for l.p.a in Patna High Court. again it was quashed then they started his provisional pension which was paid to him by draft.and he use to collect this from 200 k.m away from our home town.again he prayed pension sanctioning authority to give him full pension or regular basis and all his retirement due But again he received notice for another departmental proceeding against him this was also challenged in Patna high court it also quashed again govt filed lpa in patna high court and this was also quashed instead of sanctioning his pension thy filed slp in Supreme court.during this period he was effected by kidney disease which he also informed department regarding his disease and they ware not paying his provisional pension in regular manner to his bank account he himself has to collect his provisional pension draft from his office . he died during this period. later supreme court dismissed this case on account of delay in filing desired papers my mother was sanctioned family pension and his retrial dues in Apr. 2013 we wrote for statutory interest but they had not replayed yet . Here can we get interest or compensation for his final payment and against harassment.