Real estate company taken two post dated chaque forcely

Sir i have given a booking to the person of real estate company against this booking the amount of commercial office space deposit to representative of the company this representative issued the hand written receipt of deposited cash and always said to me that representative have a authority to issue hand written receipt to client when client ask to company that how much amount company have in the account of client , according to company amount is lesser than that the amount deposited to representative of the company by the client, company made a police pressure to me and representative of company and under this pressure company taken two post dated chaque from me and by the company lawyer company made a settlement deed in a4 paper without stamp and taken my sign on this paper in this deed, lawyer of company mentioned that if given chaque is dishonoured then company have right to take criminal offence action in settlement deed Ist party is real estate company and the second party is company representative, company envolve me along with company representative but not mentioning me as a second party sir what is the way so that i will out of the sale deed without paying any money even company have taken force fully two post dated chaques