Can a student be harrassed for carrying Monopoly cards (8+ age)?

Hello. I am a student of Amity University, Noida, Uttar Pradesh. A couple of days back, my friends and I were in college waiting for a class that was schedules 3.5 hours after the last one. We finally found a free classroom to sit in. One of our classmates had to keep her bag with us and she gave us her monopoly cards to pass time. We didn't know how to play, so we were just reading the cards and instruction manual, when a teacher walked in and started scolding us and calling us "gamblers". We apologised and tried to explain that we were not playing the cards and we were sitting there waiting for the next class, but she didn't listen and confiscated the cards. She then went on to tell everyone in the staff room that we were gambling. Some teachers advised us to write an apology letter. But the teacher said that she has reported our act to the "Disciple committee" and that we could have been arrested for it, since she is an eye witness. Since then, she and another faculty have been targeting us constantly, which has left us very confused. Kindly let us know, if carrying or playing Monopoly cards is considered gambling and whether or not a student can be targeted for it, in spite of apologising. Thank you