Wrong theft case

Hi I have been working for a multinational retailer Recently i was charged with theft and the managers terminated my contract. I believe that the evidence they have against me is false. Some facts about my case : 1. There is no written document signed by me, as an acceptance to the accustation. 2. They do not have any CCTV or digital evidence against me. 3. They have mentioned a false statement in the companies incident report accusing me of the theft. 4. They have persuaded the employees of the store to speak against me. 5. They have put forward some items that were found not-claimed by someone, that were used by me , as an evidence against me (in pictures). To back my innocence: 1.I have always shown my Bags to the security when ever i have exited the store. 2. False statement about the theft is in the company record, which is totally different than what actually happened. I have been framed in this due to personal and professional reasons by the managers. Welcome your valuable advise to prove my innocence.