Dv case

Just recently the 66th Andheri Court has passed a Distress Warrant against me for recovery of Rs 7.0 lacs. My wife had filed a DV case in Oct 12 against me and my parents. Of the 25yrs of marriage we spent almost 14yrs in Saudi. She has in possession two properties -one that she resides in and the other given on rent which is received by her. Daughter (DOB 17/12/1990) has completed her MBA majoring in Finance (http://in.linkedin.com/pub/sana-memon/52/57b/7a6) and son (DOB 17/07/1993) has completed his Diploma in IT (http://in.linkedin.com/pub/kashif-memon/67/4a/a14) and works as a Professor imparting lectures to students at the institution and other colleges. All my plea fell on deaf ears at the Lower/Session/High courts. The Lower Court (66th Andheri) passed an Interim for Rs 33,000/- monthly ignoring the fact that she has been receiving the rent (Rs 8000/ monthly) and that she gives private tuition's at home ( wife is B.Com). Session Courts labelled my children as "TRAINEES" Now I've my date in Andheri on 1st Oct, and I cant pay since am jobless (confirmed by all the three courts). I had paid Rs 2.5lacs at the time of filing an appeal before the High Court. 1. What is the next step if I don't pay? 2. How many months will the jail sentence be if any? 3. I am willing to pay her 50% of both the properties value but she demands that I should forget both of them? Pls advice Harassed male