2nd Marriage and threats

Hello Experts, I need help related to issue I am facing problem in my life. I got married to my first wife 3.6 years ago. Last year I got married to one of my office friend as per hindu rituals by signing affidavit and self-declaration saying that I am un married. But that girl and her family was aware that I am married and we are leaving together. While doing this I have told her that my wife is facing physical problem and she is ill due to that. Because of her regular life threat I told her that I will take divorce from my first wife. I made notice from a lawyer to show her the same. In this period we bought house ( me and my friend ) on boths name by applying loan on boths name through a bank. After buying a home my friend started giving regular threts of life as well police complaints. After few months her family informed us that to sell the property so the name will get separated. While applying the loan we never registered the marriage it was just on the basis of affidavit we got approval. Now my family and and my wife know all the situation but the my friend and her family is giving us threat of police and legal action also they have to pay 20 lacs as alumni to her. Because of that loan her name is reflecting as MRS. With here original name and they are fighting that this will remain always as MRS.We want to get out of this we have requested many of times to solve the issue but we don’t know what to do. Currently that girl is having all the property which contain my and her name( She was co applicant in loan account). All the payment done by me and I am only clearing all the dues which are pending from that property. Also she has the self declaration along with temple receipt as proof. Kindly suggest what action needs to be taken if they registered a legal complaint and what will be the way out. Your suggestion will save my marriage life. I know that I have made biggest mistake of my life.