Dealing with the tenant

Hello Sir, I had purchased a flat in year 2002 at kondwa locality in pune,it comes under gram-panchayat,right after getting possession I appointed a broker to rent the flat out,and it was given to a person without any legal agreement,later when I didn't receive any rent from him,I removed him out of flat..Later he broke the lock and got into the flat with his old grandmother. And I was worried about his grandmother,in case if she gets into medical condition while removing him again from the flat,so I went to local police station but no action was taken,I filled complain twice but they kept saying ''It's not our job to get you possession of the flat'' And now he has filed case on me sending court summon that I got into his house,and stole his things and he had purchased flat from me and I stole papers too,I have to be present in court in at a given date He doesn't have single paper related to flat,the light bill isn't paid since 5 yrs,he stays in dark..while the flat is registered on my name,I have the sale deed,possession letter and all receipts from builder Now it's a headache for me. Is my property in danger?or me? What should I do?