Wife threatens me to file false case against me with her sister.

Sir, I got married in the year 1992 and I have 3 children of age 21, 18 and 10. 3 years ago I met with a major accident and now a rod has been inserted in my leg. The problem is my wife is a patient of OCD- it's a mental problem in which a person becomes violent and at times she repeats her activities and steps. Suppose if she is washing her hand then she may continue washing her hands throughout the day no matter if it bleeds or anything. The issue is my wife becomes very very violent and from last year under the influence of her sister she is creating problems for me and my children. My wife trusts her sister the most but unfortunately the sister doest have a good character.her younger sister married twice just for money and now she wants that my wife should also follow the same foot steps so that at the end she can take over all the property. Last year under the influence of her sister she filed a false case against me. In her complaint she mentioned that I beat her, I don't give her money even for her day to day expenses, I demand money from her. Etc. She filed the same case in tis hazari court and went to women commision too. .The case was closed because we compromised and the court ordered me to deposit a sum of rs 10000 every month in her bank account. This is not a problem for me as I never ran away from my responsibilities and From the past 22 years I'm living with her and willfully fullfilling all her wishes. I was ready and I'm ready but now the thing is from last year she is torturing me and my children each and every day. She beats me up. She intentionally hits me on my leg so that I could not recover. She demands a new property and threatens me that if I will not buy her a new property and do what she wants then she will do something against me with her sisiter. Please tell me what should I do. As since my accident I lost my job and currently living on my savings..Life has become difficult for me and my children. Please suggest some.legal ways to tackle this problem.