Married in 2013 worked in abroad got kid in 2014 after marriage she doesn't want to come back and live with family .my family me and my Mother and we are living in a rented house .its almost 3 years completed and I filled a race case in my native town which is going to get ordered by next wife filed both maintenance and divorce case in her native place.she neither comes for counseling nor willing to stay with me .currently I got resigned from abroad and living with my mom since one year waiting that she will change her mind but no use .she pretends that she wants to nullify the marriage and has no idea of reunion.being a father I tried to convince her in her home but she refused and said that she got some job and currently she need job for her living .now she is forcing me to give a joint petition for mutual consent .tragedy part is I haven't seen my kid right from birth and they are not allowing me see him .iam facing a metal agony because of her behavior .i have decided to give a joint patition for divorce but what will happen to my maintenance case if I win rcr in my to proceed .pls need your valuable suggestion as Iam confused and Iam not in position to pay any alimony.i don't have propert or assets .i am currently looking after my aged mother with a small income .suggest pls