Breach of tenancy agreement

Hi !! We are two students preparing for civil services living in New Delhi. I was about to leave the house so my flatmate posted an advertisement to rent out my room on multiple social networking sites (as we students have our own Facebook groups to avoid brokers ) but till here we only had the intention and never actually rented out the place . Next what happened was that our landlord found out about it and he called us and told us that you guys have breached the agreement and i am going to file an FIR against you guys and you will get arrested for this, else you have 1 hour time to vacate the house . As we are IIT Delhi passouts and our college has this policy of terminating degree if you spend even one night in jail. So we got scared and vacated the house as early as possible at around 10 PM in night. So I just want to ask what will be the worst case scenario for us. Also i agree with the point that we have breached the contract but what are the things we can do. Do we really get arrested for this ? Any advice will be helpful. Thanks