Salary payment during notice period

Greetings for the day! I'm working for one of the MNC in Mumbai. I applied my resignation letter on 25/08/2014 and i stated in the letter that i will serve my notice period of 60 days and the same has been accepted from my company. Today i got a email from my company saying my salary for the month of Sep2014 has been held and will be settled on your last working day. I was not informed about it either by words or through an email earlier. I referred my offer letter and there is no such point about holding the salary during notice period has been mentioned. I'm not a person from a good financial background. I live on monthly salary and holding my salary without prior information is totally unexpected. As a single earner in my family i have commitments with respect to paying my house rent, bills and etc. Its been a month since i have sent my resignation letter but till today i was not intimated about the salary holding. I spoke to my HR about it but she is not giving a proper response, please guide me. Is holding my salary lawful or is this is what the companies are entitled to do? What should i do? Please suggest.