Wife is working she is now considering me and my 4yrs daughter

Hi There, 5yrs back I married, now we have 4yrs daughter. 1.5yrs back she got job in other city, Initially I'm not interested to send her to other city (Mumbai) but her family forced me send her to Mumbai. But I have taken a word from her that, in any case if my family disturbs, she should come back either by resigning the job or transferring back to my city (Hyd) (where me and my daughter without any one support.) I'm not against her to work. but requesting her to come back to Hyd. She is not willing stay with us. When I try to ask same, she is blaming me that, if you want you can apply for divorce and nothing will come to my favor to me and my daughter. Her family also blaming me. they are also living in Hyd but they will not give any resect to me and my daughter. 6months back I changed project in this new project I should work from 2 am to 11am. or 4.30 am to 2am. I have given heads up on this. with my new project its not possible to take case of my daughter. So I requested her to come back and I gave her 3 to 4 months time. this happened last FEB-2016. She is not interested to come back and we are not taking any amount from her SAL also. I'm only person running my family. 2 months back she came to my city and using her work from home option now she is going back to work (Mumbai) by leaving both of us here. My elders my parents and well-wishers all try to convey her. but she is not considering anyone. You can imagine how hard to keep baby gal (4yrs) with me and also should maintain my work balance. And now she started going to school. Every time from Feb-2016 when I ask her when are you coming back, she will start harassing and blaming. I respected her dreams and I paid fees for her course, transport. And I am working in IT, I know the showstoppers hence I requested here 6 month a head. Still I want her back and should stay with us. Please suggest how to proceed. is there any way to file case against to her and her family saying that, they are not sending her to me and my daughter. My parents are senior citizens and also they are not staying with us. they are living on their own in my home town. (Not in Hyd.) Due to her situation, they are sick and struggling with high BP and other health problems. Please advice.