Adding my husband name in my property gifted by my parents

Respected Advocates, I have a query at the time of my marriage my parents had gifted me and my husband a property which was in loan. Since it was in loan he did not agreed to add his name in property. He said you just add your name i don't want my name in the property. So accordingly i have transferred it to my name after 2 years the loan was cleared. The land was just remaining idle for 3 years as per my request in the 5th year i along with my husband support created a beautiful home were we can put as an investment but its so beautiful i wish to stay over here. Now the problem is since its not in his name he does not feels comfortable in staying in kerala. so now he states its better to have his name added in the property then he will stay but that also both of our names not only his. When i disused with some of my Friends they say only his name can be added not mine as its all-ready in my name. So now how it can be done so that both of our name comes, please guide me if it can be done and what different cost will come in the way,