Why my Daughter's In-laws and husband behaving like this

My daughter got married in April, 2014. She is a government servant and his spouse is CA doing his own practice. After marriage, she started complaining that her husband does not talk to her, does not spend time with her; even he does not look at her, never phone her when she is in office, never ask her anything and also does not tell her about himself. Sometimes she says, It seems he is depressed by something. When she asks him, he does not reply and says I don’t want to share my problems with you. We talked to his parents about his behaving. They told us the reason that they have no physical relations, and because of this boy is depressed. Our daughter says that she was feeling shy in starting days but now she is ready to make relation. We talked to our son-in-law also about this; he said he is not in a mood now (to make physical relation). Boy’s mother started telling her that she should try/start making relations with him. My daughter says that they had relations 4-5 times but still he is not happy. Now, he left my daughter at our place. They had fight on trivial issues. After one week, the elders of boy’s family arranged a meeting with my daughter to know the problem and they asked her some questions like (what you did on first night and honeymoon, why there are no physical relations between you, how many times you served food/water to your husband, what you did with your first salary, etc.). After 15 days, again both families met and discussed the problem. The boy’s family started putting blames on girl like she refuse to make relations, she does not respect elders and her husband, her parents interfere in our family, and other tiny issues. They made no settlement and left without taking our daughter with them. We advised them to meet Counselor for this problem. After 15 days, we phoned boy’s parents to take our daughter home. They said boy wants to meet girl alone. They met. Now boy is saying he will take a separate room and stay with her. He will not keep relations with her parents/relatives and will also not take her to his home. If they have good bonding in 4-5 months, he will continue the relation otherwise he will apply for separation. Kindly advise us. Are they making base for divorce?