Whether newzeland law can be intiated against a NRI in india

Sir, i am a difendent in an civil suite the petitioner in the suite managed to get an exparty injunction order in there favour, which was vacated after the court found that there is an road through the plaint schedule property. i had filled an application in the civil suite to take cognizance of offence under section 191,193,199,209,210 of ipc read with section 340 of CrPC and to initiate prosecution against the petitioner. the honourable court has initiated prosecussion after taking cognizance of the offences as C.M.P now i have got evidence to show that the petitioner is an real estate company owner in newzeland and the purchase of the property was through black money of his indian clients and the money was exchanged in dubai. now the petitioner has admitted that he is an N.R.I though actually he is an newzeland citizen of indian origin. i would like to know a) whether any ammendment can be made by in the C.M.P by incorporating Money laundering Act and F.E.M.A. as the plaint schedule property is an rubber plantation. b) whether any ammendments can be made in the C.M.P by incorporating Money laundering and countering terrorism act of Newzeland as the real estate company is registered in Newzeland and the country of origin is also newzeland. c) if ammendment can be made whether indian embassy in newzeland can be made a respondant? whether newzeland embassy in india can be made a respondant? if so what are the steps to be taken?