No payment of salary of 3 months by employer even after 10 month

Hi, I’m Amol, from Mumbai. I need your expert suggestions on below issue which current face by me on priority basis. I joined M/s. xyz company as a General Manager-Projects in June 2015 and after 15 days of joining (as per discussions had with top level management my working responsibilities like 15 days in Mumbai HO and 15 days at resp. engineering construction site at Cochin, Kerala. But due to some personal (requested 3 days levave for ganesh festival at village in 15 days advance) vs. official issues at site (issues can be manageable at site levels by resp. project engineers at site those are reported to me.) But, due to personal egos by 1 of the director asking me (over telephone discussion from kochi) to leave this company if you are interested to take a leave in same leaving period of ganesh festival. So, Most imp. Is FAMILY FIRST I simply said NO to that director (As Per Kerala management they aren’t celebrate festivals ?). and quit the same but after discussion had with Chairman & MD (to whom I reported directly) they suggested me to please spend atleast 30 days from now. So, give them request I wait for next 30 days upto October 2015 (after celebrating ganesh festival). But in between they paid me for only 2 month salary (for June & July 2015 period through bank), Till date (after 10 months of period) management are not interested to pay me the balanced salary of 3 months of Rs. 1.8 Lac and also Form-16 (Income tax) so neither I get salary, salary slip & nor I get Form 16. So, im unable to file ITR (Income Tax Return) for the FY. 2015-16. So, in between those 10 months, I continuously follow up with HO, Mumbai with Chairman & MD over telephonic/Email/Personnel meet but no results. In between I said that I’m going to do for FIR against company management but management treat me that He was a lawyer by academics & professionally and much more experience to create situation against me (to do trouble by using site people/employees/labors are with me and my community (I involve you in any false created fraud/ cheating case matter), I can’t do anything so, better to forgot about this balance salary payment.) Request you to please suggest (cost effective and strong course of action taking by me on immediate critical basis.) Please help me. Regards Amol