Land dispute

Sir, I have purchased 08 decimal of agricultural land out of 413 decimal from Sri N.Sahoo, s/o late Madan Sahoo, his ancestral property during 2003 .Boundary wall ,land conversion to home state land & Pata in my name was made .Some touts in connivance with the so called old sister of Sri N Sahoo, who had married before Independence ,demanded half share of the sold property as a sister of Sri N.Sahoo. No finding any way out, a case was contested and finally, due to over power of money by my advocate, as I understood,did not submitted the argument paper , as a result a part decree was made by the Judge with a direction to make partition of the property to get share. But the touts are asking me to take 04 decimals of land out of your purchase area of 08 decimals as half share as per decision of the court. As per simple mathematical calculation that 413 decimals of land(if undivided property) divided by 02( brother & sister) comes an area of 206 decimals as share of each. By grieved on the decision, I appealed in the higher court to get my purchased area of 08 decimal. Please suggested utilising your high mind,whether I shall get my 08 decimal of land purchased out of 413 decimal or not.