Can a person file Multiple FIR on Single case

Respected Sir, We have a land measuring 27 Guntas on the out skirts of Bangalore, last week when we went to fence the property the neighbor ( a widow,her daughter, her father,her Mother and Her Brother ) objected to it, we left 10 feet from land in possession and we did our fencing, She approached the police station and registered an FIR against 6 of us. we also Complained to police with our documents (Sale Deed,RTC of 30 years) , so police registered FIR against our Neighbors as well. Before Registering the FIR Police SI gave an opportunity to resolve the issue among our self and gave below options 1) Get the land survey done and fix the Foundry 2) or Get the tahshildar for spot inspection and fix the boundry 3)or Approach the Court and get the order to demolish the fence. Our Neighbors were not ready for any of the suggestions given by Police SI and finally he filed the FIR on both the groups Now our Neighbors have approached the SP and want to include My wife, (who is 6 months Pregnant) in the FIR. Will it be possible to Add new Accused to already Filed FIR, also how to avoid this situations in future, because Phodi of our land is not done and they are not allowing to do PHODI because they have Legal case pending on the Right Side Neighbors and we(left side Neighbors accused) are are not the party in that case. The accuse misguide the Survey department and Police department by telling that there is a case pending on whole survey no, in reality there is case pending on 8 Guntas of total 62 Guntas , there is no case on our 27 Guntas and other 27 Guntas of the Accused. Looking for your help