Threaten of false dowry case

I got married 5 months ago with the girl of family choice and pressure. Also, I never liked that girl as she is elder than me and also not my choice. However, after marriage I managed myself for compromising with my life to make happily marriage life with her. But after some time small fights make place between and she can expose or out all the things and personal talks to everyone gain sympathy. As savan (Indian festival) she is went to her house for 1 month stay and ask for the jewellery to my family members for puja which was already offered to her before leaving home but she refuse to take them with her. As scared of being stealing in transit my family members told her to get them when she get back to home. But her family members make big issue of this and talk disrespectfully to my family members. At rakhi when I went her home to take her home, her family members refused to send her back and also kept the car with them with false statements and told me to go back. After when my father call them first they cant pick at first but after too many calls they pick and told that they will come for a meeting and if I cant live my life according to them then they will file a dowry case and get locked up all my family members.