Without living with partner is divorce is possible?

I have brother he got married in court with girl as per legal way. This was done in month of jan 2016. After court marriage my brother and that girl not live with each other and no one know about this marriage. But few days ago girl came to our home and said that now i want to live at here i don't want to go back to my home. So at that time girl family members came to our home and they was threatening to our family so we called police and file the report against on them. So at near police she made statement that she don't want to go home and she wants to live at our home. Police made report and taken her statement and taken her signature.After police gone her family people they came again and as per family emotions they taken to her and said they will send back to her in few days with happy and they will make this marriage in arrange with all permission. But as on next day her mother said that her daughter want divorce and we will not send back to her. And now girl statement is also same.we know that this is emotional blackmail but now i need help So i want ask if girl say she wants divorce. So what we need to do.