How to servive with my autistic son.

I was married in pune, this was my husband s second marriage. He has daughter (18 yrs) from his first wife. After marriage my husband started beating me on without any reason, like my mother is doing all work, why did you cook like this?, they are gujrati and I m from punjab, they live in pune, there was so much difference in our cultures. But I worked hard to do everything. If my step daughter misbehave and I told her don't say like this , only over this my husband and my father in law hit me badly. In pune I don't have any relatives. I felt alone. They don't give me money , vehicle so that I can go anywhere alone, if we go out nd I buy anything I need like for daily use even cream , my husband on billing counter starts saying why do u need it, I don't ve money for you after that I don't feel guts to buy anything . I was not allowed to make friends, not allowed to do job , even I was not allowed to keep phone jab ki all the family members have their personal mobiles even my 9 yrs old step daughter. Once Chetan beat me so much I could not stand straight after that I feel so helpless I tried to kill myself and cut my hands nerves. But after this incident Chetan told they feel bad and allow me to do job and I bought a little phone.. But after 5 6 months, again beating , abusing me verbally, emotional even saxually. Chetan has well established business in pune. After marriage I was not able to conceive, I feel stressed nd I asked Chetan let us see doc over this. What he and his parents told was shocking. Chetan said after child you ll not able to go anywhere. And my father in law said jab tak tu sudharti nahi koi Bach a a nahi, my mother in law said why do u need it u have na Chetan s daughter, people adop child. Anyway some how I got pregnant but lost my baby on 7 mths of pregnancy. Chetan had history with first wife he had son , but he lost him after birth. I beg him let's go to see doc but he never let me go. I ve 6 yrs old son now . My son has autistic features. After 10 yrs I left my husband and come back to my parents place, Chetan never ever want ishaan. Now I don't ve money to get my son admit in good school, as he was in Vibgyor kids, in pune, don't no where to go and live as I can't stay with my parents for long , and my son need little space that I can get in my parents place, my brother s family , how come I can stay here. I don't have money for my son s play and speech therapies, medicines, his special food, his different classes. I ve only way either go back pune or stay in patiala without any resources. I can't get job in schools as I don't ve fresh course in teaching, and more over all these I can't leave Ishaan alone. Please help me in this,. I am tired of my abusing married life. Mere pass aur tolerate karne ki takat nahi. Please help me and give me advice what should I do?