About very old and existing tenant

Hello, My name is Divyesh and age is 27 years. I live in Ujjain (M.P.). We have our own house with 3 floors. Ground floor (515 sq ft) is a hotel which we gave on lease. We live on 1st floor, 2nd floor is empty and 3rd is open terrace. My father gave hotel on lease for 60 years around 20-23 years ago. The main points mentioned in lease are:- 1. Rent of the hotel will be 600 rs per month and can't be increased till lease ends. (In present date rent of same hotel should be minimum 15000 per month in our area.) 2. After 60 years the same lease will be renovated without any changes. 3. We can't get the tenant out until lease ends. 4. In case if we sell house then same lease will be apply on new buyer. 5. Lease will be repealed only in one condition if we don't get rent form the tenant till 6 months. Due to all these point now we are suffering a lot and unable to take any step. So i request you to please let us know if there any rule in our constitution that properties occupied by tenants could be released. Because of the deed of my father, our generation is suffering. Please give some suggestion.