Owner not ready to leave us even after 2 months prior notice.

I am residing in Bangalore with my family in a rented flat. Recently I changed my job and my work location is too far to commute (3 hrs to commute in a single trip) so I notified my owner that I would be leaving his residence after serving 2 months notice period as per Rental Agreement. But my flat owner is not letting us to leave because the Rental Agreement was made for 11 months as per Standard. Now he is saying if I have to leave, I need to pay rent for the remaining months (ending November 2016) and he will return my security deposit only after end of 11 months. In this situation I am struck and cannot shift my residence and my health is deteriorating everyday as I have to commute long distance by bus from my present residence. I seek legal advice from you, if you can help me in this situation with some advice as how to free myself from the clutch of such a greedy owner who is after my money and does not have any civic sense and humanity. In one of the clauses of the Rental Agreement says that the period of stay should be 1 Year whereas the contract was made for 11 months, so the clause itself is not clear. The owner is holding me on this point. Please help me with some solution as I cannot survive commuting such long distance to office from my current residence.