Sucide threat by my wife

Sir, I am marwadi and my wife is maharashtrian. She was working with me since last 4 years we are very good friends. After that we decide to get married. We got married on 2nd May 2014. After that we use to stay at our home with parents but as family increase and for privacy we use to go to our other house at next station, After death of my dad after 2 months of marriage there was a great change in the behaviour of my wife. She use to find reason for fight with us. My elder brother is running a general store at our house gallery only. She use to taunt him many time which make him angry and some time in that anger he use bad words also to my wife for that i had a fight in front of her with my brother. She use to always make me complains about my brother and my mom. So to avoid all that i decide to take her to our other home to next station. We visit on all occassion to our home and celebrate the festival together but on all occassion she never help my mom in any work her mind was set that when your mom is not helping me at my home why i will help her here in any work. My mom is a senior citizen still she use to do everything. Bcs of all that small fight many time she took her bag and went to her moms place. Once my sister called and talk with her mom that its not true that only one was in fault she also might have told something... she was talking with her mom meanwhile she went to the bathroom and drink Harpik Floor cleaner. After vomiting she was not feeling well so i admitted her in hospital after that her mom was affried that the report will show the poision, i told them if something came in the report file a case and put me behind bars as i was frustrate of all that. Instead of making her understand the life her mom always support her in breaking my family. Her mom was devorsed lady. She got seperated from her husband whe she was around 4 to 5 years old. Might be she was affraid of her old age. I use to support her in all the way. Every month without telling my parents i gave her mom 10000 rs so she can live easy life. She dont have to spread her hand in front of her brothers. My wife use to spend too much money on any festival celebration at her moms place but on any festival at my place she just use to fine cause to fight. After 3 years i called my sister to visit us from assam for 10 days because her kids have schools and all. The next day of her arriving she told all of us why you pople are not keeping home clean if anyone will visit what they will think let us clean the home together than i and my sister start cleaning home. But my wife didnt even came to help us she sit inside the room and was just watching us cleaning. Same day in evening she start fight with my sister that she dont have right to say anything to them who is she to clean the home and all. She made her cry and feel that its a big mistake she did by visiting her moms home. After that she took the bag and went to her moms place with a threat to us that she will committ sucide and will sue us in the court. She didnt even allow me the touch my child. What i can do in such situation my freinds suggest me to file a NC. Please help my in that case.