Land Acquisition Related

My grandfather purchased a property in UP in 1966 through proper documentation and sale deed. All original documents are with us.It was given to some dudhwala who used it for keeping his buffalos there and few years back we asked him to vacate but he refused to vacate.We fought a case in the court and due to lack of evidence the decree was given in our favour.But due to untimely demise of my father we didnt execute that decree.We are going to do that surely in the near future. But what interesting i came to know that this land which my grandfather purchased was acquired by the govt of UP as per Land Acquisition act,1894 in 1972 and handed over to Improvement Trust(i have a copy of notification and land acquisition) but we were unaware about this and it was not intimated to us during that period(1969 till 2016).The compensation of Rs 218(as per there record) was not taken by anybody.There is nothing improvement/development done for which it was acquired. 1) My query is what legal option/remedy do we have to fight our case? 2) Can we get our land back based on the fact that nothing concrete or no development/improvement work was done for which it was acquired?