Threats And Mental Harassment From Wife

Hi All, I have problem with my wife. She works abroad and she doesn't want to come and stay with me till I get some offer in abroad. We are family of 8 members in which I have my elder sister and 2 niece. My elder sister is a widow and we are just sharing our moral support so that she can fight for her life and her 2 daughters. She is working and she is not dependent on me or my father. My father is a retired employ. He is getting his pension. My sisters mother in law also a pension holder. My sister and her mother in law doesn't have any one or any property instead of me and my parents. So her family staying with us since 15 years after my brother in law passed away. I got engaged back in Aug 2014. Before engagement my wife and her father said couple of positive points which is really appreciable. After engagement I came to understand that my wife does have very independent nature which would lead me to trouble as I am living with a big family with couple of moral responsibilities. Then I decided to cancel the marriage after engagement, but my wife committed suicide. Then I thought to give try to make her change as per my life. From there my problem starter. I am against to dowry, but unfortunately my loan got rejected. I lend the money from my wife around 3.5 lakhs. She knows its a debt from my end. I returned 2 lakhs later. I tried lot many offers to move abroad along with my wife. The country where my wife works, I didn't get appropriate job for me. I am still trying my best to be with my wife at the earliest. We spend maximum 2 months of our married life together that to not continuously. My wife used to visit me once in a quarter or 2 months for 7 days. There were couple of fights happened in my marriage. She was angry with me and my family and I was also angry with her. Everything went well for around 6 months with minor issues with in family after my marriage.After she conceived, she started blaming my family and my sisters family. I requested her to come back to India for delivery but she didn't. I though she might not understood my family, it might be better opportunity for her to be with the family and understand my family. She worked till 8 and half months and she faced lot of problems. There were lots of issues raised, she started manipulating her parents and my relatives. After deliver she made lot of nonsense in my home. She now started threatening me. She feels that I have a relation ship with my niece who is 15 years old and studying 10th standard. She also blaming my widow sister does have relationship with some one. I am literally in such a position. She wants me to separate from my family if not she will pull everyone on the road. And yes if she wont be able separate me from my family she will commit suicide. She started threatening me by spoiling my sisters family character and kill herself. I have all the call records and chat history on the above as prof. Please suggest me your opinions. I would like to take divorce. I cannot continue my relationship with her. There are tons of reasons which made me to take this decision. The above topic is something made me so strong to take divorce from her. My niece are like my daughters. I have been taking care of them like daughters since their father passed away. After my younger niece born my brother in law passed away. They didn't even know how their father was look like. From that day, me and my parents have been supporting their family morally. Sorry I did mention that I recently blessed with a baby girl. She is 4 months old. My wife using baby girl as pawn to threat us. My wife took 2 moths and 15 days of leave. She stopped going office 15 days before of her delivery and started working after 2 months of baby was born. She was here at my home for 1 week after my baby borne. Me or any one of my family members or relatives saw she is feeding baby. She was using baby food products to feed baby. She made a statement that she can handover the baby to me and commit suicide if she wont get what she is expecting. She wanted a baby boy but we had baby girl. She was so upset with that as well. Please suggest me your opinions.