Landlord Harrasment

Hello, I'm a 27 yr old male journalist from Mumbai, and have been living in a rented studio apartment for 5-6 months now. I've been hosting couchsurfers on a regular basis, men, women and couples. None have stayed over a week. Last week, my landlady barged in asking about why I have foreigners staying over, and while I tried to explain the concept of Couchsurfing (a free service), she refused to listen. She threatened to evict me if I had any more overnight guests (especially women) and humiliated me in front of my couchsurfer I was hosting. Nowhere is it mentioned in the rental agreement that I can't have overnight guests nor was it mentioned verbally before I took the apartment. Only that I can't sublet which I obviously don't. I come from a respectable background, I don't host parties, create any sort of commotion, or caused any damages. I love the spirit of Couchsurfing and don't want to stop hosting and meeting new people just because some people are too conservative and nosy for their own good. I don't want to waste my time looking for a new place before my 11 months are up. Is it legal for my landlady to evict or serve a month notice if I haven't created any problem? What are my options? I'm ready to fight this in court if I have to.