Am having three brothers. I am their only sister. Our father died a year back. When he was alive he told me that he has made a will. On enquiring further he told me that if the brothers do not open the will then I can get the notice issued by the honourable court to open the will. My brothers told me to wait one year to get the will opened. Now that the one year was completed the lawyer who made/framed the will visited me and told me to surrender my share as I am settled. Few days back the same lawyer told me over the phone that my mother is the only legal heiress, the will can only be opened after her demise. Now please let me know to open the will (1) was there any legal bindings of one year after the death of my father (2) since my mother is the only heiress, can the will {written by father} be opened during her life time. If the lawyer or brothers are telling me the wrong thing then can a legal action be taken against them? Thanking you and looking forward to your positive response.