Ex parte

A suit case have been filled against me. The summon were received on 26/jun, for a hearing on 3/july...As I didn't know the process & not realizing the importance of summon, I opened the same on 3rd/july itself . .. Resulting a verdict of Ex Parte... My Lawyer filled an apology application for not attending , stating the reason of my son's exams & not able to hear a lawyer in such short span. Yesterday was my next date of hearing, which by mistake my lawyer misheard for today... she heard the next date is 27/sep, whereas it was 26th sep... I got to know this today , when I went to court. My lawyer didn't came alongwith me , as she charges too high to come & according to her the matter of ex parte is to be solved by me only by attending the court myself. Should I go on monday 29/sep to court ? Will they allow me to enter the court without having any hearing for that day? What should be my answer in front of judge , why didn't I attend the hearing on right date ? Will the judge dismiss the case & pass the verdict against me ? pls revert....thanks