Wife doesn't want to live with me any more.

Warm Greetings to all. First of all, want to thank you all sophisticated Advocates for the formulated and shaped guidance as per the there competent experience. General Question: Educated couples got married in April 2008 through newspaper advertisement as bride was from Maharashtra State and groom from Telangana State. Daughter child was born in September 2009. Due to misunderstanding the bride left the groom house in his absence (as groom was working in Gulf) with her parents went to her native place and filled a dowry case 498A and later on DV act in local judicial court which happened in the year Feb-2013. Later on groom returned to India and was arrested by Maharashtra police then bail was granted and remaining other proceeding happened and the drafted/planned scene was completed. Elders from both parties have a discussion and the misunderstanding was resolved and later on 498A was Quashed in Aurangabad High court with in 3 to 4 months, but bride strongly refused to come back to her husband house. Husband lost her job as his passport was surrender in court as it was one of the condition to get the bail against 498A. (Unable to resume duty on time, removed from company) Approximately of one year jobless duration, husband got another job and he joined this job as per the mutual understanding of both for the betterment of family future. Later on April 2014 second (2nd) daughter child was born in her native place. Now in April 2016 she shown interest not to continue this relationship, but no legal action taken as of now as husband is working in Gulf. They both stopped talking to each other and wife parents and relatives are waiting for husband annual vacation to come back to India. Husband from normal educated middle class family. Wife from educated high class family as father is business men and have political connections. Kindly advise what to do and what are the precaution measures to be done in this regards to save this marriage or is it better to end this marriage? Thanking you all in advance. M.S. Hussain Khan.