my wife is putting false alligation and blackmaling me for money

dear sir i got married on 5 th march 2014 from jeevansathi .com that time i was in agreement of c&f with company that they will give me fixed amount let it be 2 lakh per month and iwrote in individual income same amount and thinking that family income is same i wrote there also same amount . but now company is not giving any money to me only 40 50 thousand . and i wrote also there about my father land they evaluated land value . i dont have anything on my name also. from beginning she use to fight on samll small things . i got many audio recording from her phone also with boys and adult talks it can be after marriage also and befor and such a vulgar talk nobody can listen i will not forget this talk through out my life . in one recording she is telling her friend that ki dabne ki ko zaarrot nahi ladke walo ki family ko dbya jata hai jhan mrji chle jayo legally and socially ( do what ever you want at last male family have to suffer law are with women) etc etc .... now she filed false complaint against her that my father tried to sexually assault her and i made her nude pics and fake recording and dowry allegaition and domestic violance allegation and she aborted child coz she dosent want to get chilt at this age that allegation is also put on us . and many more allegations.. what shoud i do sir now ???? we went to women cell in faridabad they are not listening to us ??? her father is saying give 2 crore to girl for keeping her in house by selling land and early my wife use to ask 20 k or 3k per monthe but dew to business failure i was not able to give her .. she is not giving any proof we are having proof of audio recordings then also we are guilty ?