Agreement breaks early & the landlord didn't return the security

Sir I would like to share with you that I took a commercial shop (below 100 sq.ft) on rent on 1st of August 2014 for 3 years. Now we find that the landlord is not supportive & the attraction of the complex is going down day by day. For this we have decided to vacate the shop. I gave him (Landlord) a telephonic notice related the discontinuation of the agreement (Voice Recording is with me of the call) on 13th Jan 2016 but still he is not paying the security deposit back. He is only saying that the agreement is valid for 3 years & before that it is his wish, he would pay back or not. There is a provision of 3 months notice period in the agreement according to which I paid 3 months rent but still didn't get my money back. Landlord demands that this 3 months notice will work after completion of the agreement period if any party don't want to renew the agreement. Is it really ???????? No one can leave the rented property if he is not willing to continue or if he has any other option ??????? Kindly guide me & help me