IPC 409, 419 and 420

I was working in nationalised bank. I put 3.5 years service in bank. On 28.04.2012 IO came from zonal office and gave suspension letter stating I have committed fraud. Then he along with my manager typed a statement that I have comitted fraud. They said if I accept it and sign it then you will get minor punishment. And if I dont sign, they will call police and get me arrested. I signed it. They forced my father to pay Rs,2.52 lacs. Then they issued Enquiry Notice. During Enquiry, they did not produce any evidence, documents and witnesses/complaints/complainants. But at the end of the enquiry the EO proved 8 out of 13 allegations. I was dismissed on 22.06.2013. I appealed and they rejected it. Then they filed FIR with police on 11.11.2013. They given documents and witness them which I was denied of. In FIR they mentioned ENQUIRY CONDUCTED AND CHARGES PROVED. Its been nearly 11 months the FIR is filed ann no charge sheet is filed by police till now. I am unemployed and I dont know what to do. The Inspector tells that you gave admitted guilt infront of IO. So you will lose case and go to jail. He has threatened the witness too. He told me if I pay him 15 lacs he will file Closure Report. I am financially incapable of paying this amount. What could be my chances? Will the statement of admiting guilt infront of bank IO be taken as confession and evidence against me?